Learning To Prune

4 Reasons Tree Service Technicians Avoid Topping Off A Tree

Pruning and trimming trees can be done with several methods. One method that good tree service technicians avoid involves cutting off the top of the tree or cutting back secondary branches excessively far. Sometimes service technicians wind up topping off trees on a highway if those trees are growing into power lines, but they generally […]

Protect Your Trees From Drought

Drought stress can stunt the growth of trees and in severe cases may lead to the death of a tree. Knowing how to protect your trees can help you keep them healthy.  Watch for Signs of Drought Stress Trees that experience drought stress will generally display symptoms such as: Slowed growth. Scorched leaves. Wilted leaves.  […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Tree Limbs Trimmed On A Regular Basis

Having your trees trimmed on a regular basis is important for many reasons. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that the only time they need to have a tree trimmed is when it has started to die or if there are branches broken on the tree that are going to fall to the ground […]

Can You Turn Your Dead Trees Into Firewood?

When your tree removal service comes to cut down your tree, they’ll likely chop it into portable pieces and cart it away in a truck. Some services, when asked, will chop the wood into pieces small enough to use for firewood, and will leave the wood on your property. Some charge a fee for this […]

Transplanting A Tree To A New Spot In Your Yard

If you have a tree in your yard that is becoming dangerously close to power lines, you will want to work on having it taken away from the area before it grows any taller so you do not suffer from unannounced power outages or other electrical problems because of downed limbs. One option is to […]

Children’s Crafts Using Trimmed Branches

After you’ve had the trees around your home trimmed, you end up with a giant pile of branches. These branches can be hauled away or you can use them for crafts. If you have kids, let them help you make interesting decorations or useful items out of the branches. Branch Coat Hanger A thicker branch […]

The Dangers Of The Emerald Ash Borer (And What You Can Do About It)

Ash trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but they are highly susceptible to a wide range of insect infestations. The worst of these is, undoubtedly, the emerald ash borer. This dangerously destructive pest may have already wormed its way into your favorite ash trees. If if has, you need to understand the history, […]

Three Reasons It’s A Good Idea To Leave Tree Services To The Professionals

While it may be tempting to remove trees and large limbs from the yard yourself, this job is sometimes best left for someone else to do. Here are three reasons it’s a good idea to leave tree services to the professionals. Tree Work is a Dangerous Job Cutting down trees is a dangerous job. In […]

Ways To Remove An Ugly Tree Stump From Your Yard

If you lose a tree due to a storm or disease, you may be able to chop up most of the tree for easy disposal, but you’re still faced with the problem of stump removal. Getting rid of tree stumps is difficult because of their size and the fact they are firmly rooted into the […]